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We are a team of chemists and business economists. Our focus is on consulting and searching for information about the chemical market.

CMM was established in 2001 with the aim to combine chemistry-economical knowledge with methodical information management. Because of the continuously changing request of our clients the range of our work has been progessively extented. It currently comprises from petrochemistry to speciality and inorganic chemistry.
Furthermore, our focus is on the analysis of companies of the chemical markets and related industries.

Christine DuffnerMs. Christine Duffner, graduate in business economy, University of Mannheim, Germany. Main focus in marketing and logistic. After her studies in business economy she worked as a professional for 15 years in the chemical industry particularly in the field of company and competitive analysis.

Dr. Susanne WillMs. Dr. Susanne Will, graduate in chemistry, Johann-Wolfgang v. Goethe-University, Frankfurt, Germany, PhD in biochemistry. During her longtime activity in the chemical industry she was responsible for product portfolio analysis, particularly in speciality chemicals and pharmaceutical preliminary products.

A pool of experts supports us and enables to react flexibly on various challenges, what makes a broad range of tasks compliable.

chemical market monitoring

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