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Business Activities

Our business activities are including the investigation of information, products and companies in the field of chemistry and related industries.
Furthermore we are providing workshops in the area of petrochemistry and the chemical industry. We are conducting market reseach and interviews in the relevant topics.
  • Chemical industry and markets
  • Product portfolios
  • Competition
  • Special assignments

» Interview
You need product- or company-specific market data?
For instance
  • product prices?
  • capacities?
  • ownership information?

We support you in primary data inquiry. We accomplish surveys for you - preferably via telephone or pen-and-pencil interview. Alternatively, we eleborate secondary data for you - i.e. we research in databases.
Prices on demand.

» Investigation
You look for information on products, companies, and related industries? You search for new trends?
According to your requirements we accomplish a concise profile or an elaborated analysis for you.
  • we search relevant sources for you
  • research and evaluate recieved data
  • and elaborate a detailed presentation of the results.

Please contact us. We would be pleased to make you an offer.

» Workshops
You look for support in professional training of your staff?
Our team of chemists and economists provides courses in both fields including:
  • principles of petrochemistry
  • interdependency in chemical industry
  • value chains
  • trends in chemistry

We also would like to provide courses on specific topics to suit your needs.

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